Title: Daily Report plug-in

This plug-in is the updated version of JPBO4323 and provides a special customized form and single view for posting a "daily report". An entry posted by this plugin should be an event (a schedule) and be displayed in the Calendar view whereas the daily journal entry doesn't show up in the Calendar view.

In some Japanese companies, it is common to look back what an employee did in the day, write a summary, and submit it to his/her boss. This is called "日報" (daily report or daily journal) and it's a way of sharing information between employees and bosses in the hierarchy. If you are interested in the ways of business in Japanese companies, you may find this blog post interesting.


Click the link below to download com.traction.form.dailyreport-Version.zip file. (Version means a version number.)

Upload the zip file in Server Settings > Plugins page.

After uploading, you will see the I18N error as following. But don't worry. This error means "you need to restart TeamPage server to load the I18N resources (language files)."

I18N Error

Click [Restart TeamPage] in Server Settings > General > Manage Server page. If your TeamPage server is hosted in Traction's cloud environment, you will need to restart your server twice to load the I18N resources correctly.

After restarting, you will see that the plugin's name show up correctly.

Install completed

How to use

Show "Daily Reports" tab

Open Space Settings > Settings > Display and find "Proteus Space Tabs". Move "Daily Reports" into the "Selected"...

...and you will see the "Daily Reports" tab shows up.

Daily Reports Tab

Post a new daily report entry

Click "New Daily Report" in the add-drop-menu in the side column.

New Daily Report Add Menu

You will see the form like this.

When you submit the form, you will see the single entry like this.

Section Table

Open [Daily Reports] > [Section Table] tab and you will see the Daily Report entries displayed in the spreadsheet.

Section Table


Open [Daily Reports] > [Section Table] tab and you will see the Daily Report entries displayed in the Calendar.



Display the configurations view

Click the [Configure] link in the installed plugin box.


You will see the configuration view.


Achievement Options

You can modify the title and the options in "Achievement Options" setting.


If you move "Ranking" to the "Selected" area (the right area), you will see the "Ranking" sub-tab.

In this "Ranking" page, authors of the Daily Report entries in the selected time slice are ordered by the numbers of posts. (This feature was requested by a customer in Japan but I set it to be hidden as default since I'm not sure how this is effective in general work.)

Ranking Example

You can select the color of the bars in "Ranking Bar Color" configuration.

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