Title: TeamPage 6.2.24

This TeamPage release is aimed at a short list of bug fixes. Please read on for the full list of changes.

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Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug that could prevent TeamPage from processing entries (articles, comments, etc.) if the body text contained an invalid "@" style "mention" involving an unmatched open bracket, e.g.,


In this case, the TeamPage server complain about being out of memory ("java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" or "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Requested array size exceeds VM limit"), and if the host JVM were configured to create a heap dump in an out-of-memory situation, the server might become unresponsive for a short time while the heap dump was generated. These invalid "@" mentions are now handled gracefully, but will not be recognized as "@" mentions. If TeamPage offers an "@" mention completion for you that involves brackets, please make sure to include both the open and close bracket characters. (Server88365)

• Fixed a bug mentioned as a limitation for 6.2.23 that prevented the "JDBC Plug-ins/Extensions Connection Properties" dialog from being displayed. (Server88341)

• Fixed an issue introduced in TeamPage 6.2.23 that caused the wrong stylesheets with the TinyMCE rich text editor used in TeamPage's web-based forms, causing style errors and artifacts to appear in the toolbar menus, including extra "drop-down" arrow indicators and the wrong sized fonts. (Server88403)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent a page from being displayed if it required loading some entry metadata that is not accessible to the requesting user, or which is undefined for the target entry. The only known case of this bug causing a user-visible problem is with the Timeline Entry Tab plug-in, when viewing the Timeline page using a user account that has limited permissions in the containing entry's space. (Server88299)

• Fixed a small bug that could prevent TeamPage's native fulltext index from being correctly updated in certain cases if a particular individual word appearing in the content of an entry failed to be added to the index. (Server88366)

• Fixed a bug that could, in certain cases, prevent errors encountered while processing incoming requests from being reported back to the requesting browser. This bug also usually caused a lot of extra fairly useless information to be written to TeamPage's log file when that reporting failure happened. (Server88389)

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