Title: TeamPage 6.2.23

This TeamPage release is focused on bug fixes and improvements, including fixes for some issues related to TeamPage's advanced search integration, TeamPage's Windows service configurations, background memory cleanup, localization, and iCal syndication. Please read on for the full list of changes.

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Bug Fixes

Background Memory Cleanup

Background memory cleanup can be triggered every so often when TeamPage reaches its configured maximum memory usage threshold. By default, this is 80% of the configured maximum heap size. It is intended to make it easier for the JVM's garbage collector to free memory for other purposes.

• Fixed a bug that could cause some features not to function normally following an automatic memory cleanup operation. This issue is known to have prevented properly configured premium search modules (e.g., Apache Solr) from working properly. The search engine Index Administration dialog would report an error ("java.lang.IllegalStateException: This SearchEngine object has not yet been initialized."); the search engine would be reported as not configured ("Configured: No" under server settings > General > Search Settings); and premium search features would not generally be accessible from TeamPage's main interface, or would not be functional if they were accessed. In some cases, this condition could happen shortly after TeamPage has just been started; or spontaneously when the server has been running for some time. (Server88265)

• Fixed a bug that could cause unnecessary work to be performed during automatic memory cleanup operations. (Server88283 / Server88304)

• Fixed a bug that in some cases caused background memory cleanup operations to be performed immediately after the TeamPage server started up. (Server88277)

Note: If after installing this version of TeamPage, you find that your server's log files record frequent memory cleanup operations ("Memory usage was found to be above cleanup threshold"), you may wish to configure TeamPage to use more heap memory if it's available on the host system. You can change this setting under server settings > General > Java Settings; restart TeamPage to apply the change.

Windows Service

A few issues have been fixed with TeamPage's Windows service wrapper configuration, which is optionally set up by the TeamPage installer. Customers running on Windows should definitely consider upgrading to pick up these fixes.

• Fixed a configuration issue that could prevent TeamPage from being terminated gracefully when stopping it from the services control panel, which could sometimes prevent the current journal's lock file from being removed, and in some cases could cause the database metadata index files not to be flushed, requiring a metadata index rebuild. (Server88109)

• Fixed a configuration issue that could cause TeamPage to be immediately restarted when it is shut down via the server settings > General page "Shut Down" button. (Server88116)

• Fixed a configuration issue that could prevent TeamPage's optional external JavaDB service from being able to run, and could cause extra Java related logs with names like "Program.0.current" to be created in the root directory (e.g., C:\) of the volume where TeamPage is installed. (Server88107 / Server88334)

Web-Based Forms

• Fixed a minor bug introduced in TeamPage 6.2.22 that caused the due date field for a new or existing task whose due date is set to track that of an associated milestone to initially appear blank. (The task's due date when saved would still correctly reflect that of the associated milestone.) The correct behavior in this case, restored in this version of TeamPage, is for the due date to initially appear populated with the due date of the associated milestone, but with lighter colored text. (Proteus15243)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent TeamPage's web-based forms from allowing users to add or remove attachments from an entry being created or edited. This issue is not likely to have affected your TeamPage installation unless users are accessing TeamPage through certain types of firewall appliances which modify the bodies of HTTP responses marked with a "Content-Type" header of "text/html". (Proteus15272)

Rich Text Editing

• Fixed a bug that prevented many parts of TeamPage's rich text editor UI, including many toolbar items and menu items, from being localized for the preferred locale of the viewing user. These parts of the UI would always be displayed in English. (Server87605)

• Fixed a bug that prevented a few other elements in TeamPage's UI, including the single document version history dialog that can be launched from a documents view, from being localized for the preferred locale of the viewing user. These parts of the UI would always be displayed in English. (Server88227)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent a place-holder image from appearing in TeamPage's rich text editor when an "anchor" (A tag with no link) is present in the content of an entry. (Server88155)

iCal Syndication Feeds

• Fixed a bug that prevented the iCal syndication links that appear in the side column of Project > Calendar and Milestone > Calendar pages from working properly. (Proteus15196)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent TeamPage from generating an iCal syndication feed for Calendar pages when using the FullCalendar plug-in. In these cases, a SQL error would be reported in the TeamPage's log file. (Server88072)

Document Management

• Fixed a bug that caused an extra forward slash character to be inserted into certain fully qualified URLs generated by TeamPage, including the link provided for connecting to a WebDAV-compatible document folder from your operating system (e.g., Windows' "Network Places" / "Map Network Drive" or Mac OS' "Connect to Server"). These URLs would not work properly unless the duplicate forward slash character was removed manually. (JPBO19088)

Apache Solr Integration

• Fixed a bug in TeamPage's Solr search module that could prevent queries containing the literal and unquoted words AND and OR (containing all uppercase characters) from working as expected in "Simple" query mode unless the user typing the query placed the AND or OR inside of quotation marks. (Solr941)

Task Lists

• Fixed a minor bug related to the management of items appearing in ordered lists, such as a user's worklist or a project task list, which might in certain cases prevent updates to the state of a list from being correctly propagated to the users currently viewing the lists. (Server88071)

• Fixed a bug related to the metadata tracking for ordered list separator entries which could have caused slightly out-of-date information to be presented to some users. (Server88230)

• Fixed a bug that could cause a warning or error to be reported in TeamPage's log file when viewing certain pages such a project or milestone task lists that contain separator entries. (Proteus15263)

External User Directory Service Integration

• Fixed a bug related to TeamPage's handling of certain types of failed attempts to validate a login attempt via NTLMv2 authentication. This is not a security issue (i.e., it could not result in any unauthorized access to TeamPage); and there are no known user-visible consequences of this issue. It would least cause TeamPage to record error messages and accompanying diagnostic information in its log file, creating a great deal of noise. This sort of authentication failure is now handled more gracefully, and if any similar issues occur, they will be treated as warnings rather than errors, and will not be able to disrupt the normal handling of these incoming requests. (Server88266)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent a TeamPage server from starting up in certain very unusual cases with a TeamPage journal set up to use an external directory server (e.g., Microsoft Active Directory) for user account management. This could only happen in certain very specific scenarios involving having a certain combination of invalid configuration settings, and would not occur unless someone had manually modified certain configuration settings outside of the TeamPage application's normal setup interfaces. In this case, TeamPage will now be able to start, but will display warnings in the log file and on the console indicating details of this rather severe misconfiguration. (Server88142)

Other Fixes

• Fixed a bug introduced in TeamPage 6.2.22 that could cause TeamPage to navigate to the home page within the collector window when Save, Copy or certain other operations were performed. (Server88152)

• Fixed a bug that could, in certain cases, cause the "Edit Profile" subtab to appear in User Profile pages even if the requesting user didn't have permission to set up or modify the target user's profile. (Clicking the "Edit Profile" tab in this case would not actually allow the requesting user to modify the target user profile.) The "Edit Profile" subtab will now appear in User Profile pages only when the requesting user will be allowed to set up or modify the target user's profile. (Server88261)

• Fixed an issue that could cause TeamPage to log statistics redundantly in some cases. (Server88276)

• Fixed an internationalization/localization issue that caused place-holder text to appear in place of a message in an article history page which is presented to tell the viewing user that they do not have permission to view an article's history. (Server80498)

• Fixed three small bugs that could cause the warning "Failed to retrieve a target object from scope" to appear in TeamPage's log files. These bugs had no user-visible effects. (Server88156 / Server88158)


• Added gathering of statistics related to open file resources used for random read-write access to files on disk. (Server87918)

• Modified the way in which statistics are gathered for attachment saving operations to better reflect the time taken to actually commit the attachments to the underlying file store. (Server88143)

• In TeamPage's signature requirements module, the text used in English and French on the edit button presented in single entry views of signature requirements has been shortened so that it fits comfortably on the face of the edit button. (Proteus15139)

For Developers

• Fixed an issue that prevented "form-field-value-change" events, introduced in TeamPage 6.2.22, from being fired when the Event form's start and end date/time fields are automatically modified to keep the event interval valid.

• The table rows (TRs) in the HTML used to display TeamPage's built-in Project, Milestone and Event forms now all have appropriate class= attributes to allow them to be styled or manipulated. (Proteus15252)

Known Limitations

• The dialog that allows server administrators to edit the SQL connection settings does not currently display. This will be fixed in an upcoming release. (Server88341)

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