Title: TeamPage 6.2.21

This TeamPage release is focused on a small number of bug fixes and other improvements, including two very significant bug fixes: one a Google Web Toolkit update that fixes annoying layout problems for users of Google Chrome; and another that improves the stability of the TeamPage application. All TeamPage customers are encouraged to upgrade to this new version as soon as is reasonably possible.

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Bug Fixes

• TeamPage now uses the Google Web Toolkit version 2.8. The most visible result of this update is that several problems with layout and positioning of elements in TeamPage's UI in the Google Chrome browser will be fixed. (Proteus14951)

• Fixed a bug related to the way that TeamPage caches journal entry data in memory. This bug prevented TeamPage host Java Virtual Machine from reclaiming memory. In some cases, this could cause the TeamPage service to become temporarily unresponsive, or (in extreme cases) to run out of memory and "crash." (Server87692)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent resources from being properly disposed of when a user downloaded a file via the "Download" button that appears in the single document view (i.e., the page displayed when a user clicks through from a document list view to display a single file). In some cases, this could prevent TeamPage's host Java Virtual Machine from reclaiming memory or file descriptor resources. (Server87680)

• Fixed a bug that often prevented the full request URL from being included in activity logging (traction.log and debug.log). (c3cc3667100c)

• Fixed a bug that prevented entry properties from being correctly included in TeamPage's native fulltext index. Customers who rely upon TeamPage's built-in fulltext index, rather than an integrated external search engine (e.g., Apache Solr) should consider performing a full index rebuild after upgrading. (da2be848d6d1)

• Fixed an issue related to TeamPage's tracking of tasks that could prevent a newly created task from immediately appearing in the task list the user is currently viewing. When this happened, the user would also see an erroneous warning indicating that their newly created task doesn't match the filter on the current page. (Proteus15087)

• Fixed an issue related to TeamPage's event listeners feature that could prevent certain listeners from running on server initialization as expected. (Server87593)

• Fixed a bug affecting the layout of the miniature status update form that appears in the user profile menu. Previously, the space selector in that form might "jump around" when the user hovered over it with the mouse pointer. (Proteus15040)

• Fixed a regression introduced in TeamPage 6.2.17 that prevented files or folders whose names contain certain unusual white space characters or character sequences (e.g., a tab character or multiple consecutive space characters) from being retrieved. (Server87632)

• Fixed a bug that is capable of causing certain minor omissions or other unexpected minor deviations from the expected entry content renderings that are used to populate TeamPage's native fulltext indices, when performing a full index rebuild. (This bug is not known to have actually caused any issues.) (Server87727)

Other Improvements

• Made several performance improvements TeamPage's CRM module. If you're interested in trying out TeamPage's CRM module, please contact sales@tractionsoftware.com. (JPBO18549 / JPBO18550 / JPBO18565 / JPBO18567)

For Developers


• Support for the EntryClass link_by_names_default_disabled=true|[false] configuration property has been "fixed" so that it is properly applied on initial entry creation, not just during edits. This is a way for authors of TeamPage customizations to indicate that a particular type of entry should effectively ignore the normal per-space requirements that entries be named (i.e., the "Name Articles by Default" and "Require Articles in This Space to Have at Least One Name" settings). (Server87598)

• Additionally, support has been added for the ignore_moderation=true|[false] EntryClass configuration property, which indicates whether a particular type of entry should effectively ignore permissions and other per-space requirements (in spaces in which moderation is enabled) related to the initial published or draft status of newly created entries and updates ("Publish Own" permission, "Publishers Publish by Default", and "Allow Publishers to Choose Whether to Publish"). The effect of setting this property to "true" for your custom EntryClass is that entries (and updates) belonging to that EntryClass will always be published. (Server87614)

HTML to Plain Text Transformation and Cleanup

• When using the <transform.html2text> SDL tag with the attribute withEntities="false" -- or the corresponding SDK com.traction.sdk.util.Transformer returned by Transformer.htmlToPlainText() (configured at config/transformers/cleanhtml2text.properties) -- the output will better preserve the literal input, particular as related to whitespace characters. Specifically, white space will no longer be normalized or collapsed. This means that certain "special" white space characters (e.g., non-breaking spaces or zero-width spaces) will no longer be replaced with ordinary space characters; and sequences of one or more white space characters of any type will no longer be replaced by single space character.

• These changes were accomplished by adding support to the com.traction.sdk.util.HtmlCleanerAdapterTransformer, which you can also use in your own custom Transformer configured to use that class: use cleaner_serializer_custom_collapseWhitespace=true|false to activate or deactivate the "white space collapsing" behavior; and use cleaner_serializer_custom_normalizeSpaces=true|false to activate or deactivate the "white space normalization" behavior.

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