Title: TeamPage 6.2.18

TeamPage 6.2.18 is a minor release which is focused on a small set of bug fixes. This includes a fix for an issue introduced in version 6.2.17 that caused some features to go missing from the rich text editor, and some fixes for problems with the Print Version. Customers experiencing difficulties due to any of these issues will want to install this update.

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Bug Fixes

• Fixed a bug introduced in version 6.2.17 that removed the Bullet List and Ordered List toolbar items from the rich text editor used in TeamPage entry forms. (Server87405)

• Fixed a bug introduced in a recent version of TeamPage that caused an error to be displayed in the Print Version when the user performed certain operations, such as adjusting the "Volume Control" setting. (Server87462)

• Fixed a bug introduced in a recent version of TeamPage that could prevent the "Advanced" options in the Print Version from taking effect and otherwise working properly. (Server87479)

• TeamPage's installer will now remove some unnecessary files which, when present, have been known to prevent the TeamPage service from running, or to short circuit an otherwise apparently successful startup process. (Server87492)

• Fixed a bug in TeamPage's "invite" feature that prevented the corresponding Active Directory user account name from being used as the new TeamPage account name that is created when inviting a new user to TeamPage using an email address known to be associated with an Active Directory user account. In this situation, since TeamPage will use the Active Directory user account's security principal with the new TeamPage user account, the mismatch between the account names would prevent single sign-on NTLM authentication (and possibly other features related to associating the Active Directory account with the TeamPage account) from working properly. TeamPage will now use what it considers as the "default" account name for the new user account, which by default is the sAMAccountName for the associated Active Directory user account. (Server87403)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the modification of diagnostic logging options when running TeamPage without a journal. (Server87394)

• Fixed a bug that prevented the creation or modification of custom user directory configurations (e.g., for integration with an Active Directory service) when running TeamPage without a journal. (Server87385)

• Fixed a bug that could prevent a new journal from being created when selecting a user directory configuration which doesn't use TeamPage as the primary means for managing account credentials and identity (e.g., one which integrates with an Active Directory service). (Server87386)

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Date: January 20, 2018; 10:06:33 PM EST
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